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The in-Sanity of Emotional Writing


I’ve had an epiphany. Writing is an escape. Yes I’ve written about this before, mentioned the therapeutic value of putting words to paper, and losing your self in the created worlds and characters of this fictional world outside of the stresses of life. Fellow writer/blogger Kelly Griffiths very recently wrote a blog post that has lead to this thought process and inadvertently inspired this blog post; her post is called Fiction, a Confession and this is a quote from it

The beauty of fiction is that you can say all the things you wanted to say, then shrug and tell people, It’s fiction. It’s like being in the confessional booth with a stuffed bear. Father, forgive me. I put a saber between the ribs of my neighbor’s hound dog for defecating on my lawn today. Go in peace, my son, and sin no more…

It got me thinking. Life gets pretty heavy sometimes and an emotional turmoil brews across the landscape of the mind, infiltrating every other aspect of the body including the mouth where words might spew out unfiltered, the hands which might flick out dishonourably or even eyes rolling boorishly. So, rather than have those emotions filter out so visibly and physically, why not let them dribble out in short story form?

Putting the Sanity back into Insanity

I will be writing up little short spurts of “Emotive” writing whenever I’m in a spell: joy, sadness, anger, excitement, and experience those emotions through my characters. This way, rather than mope quietly or attempt to quell physically displaying these emotions, I can write them up and do what I really want to do in the comfort and secrecy of my Word document.

My own little therapy – restoring some sanity to the raging insanity.


Do you do emotive writing? How do you deal with your emotional episodes?


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