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Auburn Collaboration Announcement: The Meeting of Two Minds


Auburn? What’s that about?

Auburn is a short story I’d written in response to a Writing Challenge from…well from quite a few months ago, that asked aspiring writers to come up with a short-story that could be turned into a short film – should the judges like it. Of course my creative juices kicked in and I developed this whole story and character and concept, only to see the gut-busting disclaimer that said my country could not participate in the challenge. And so off my story went into the “Maybe-One-Day” drafts, and soon it was forgotten; that is, until the day I decided to peruse through my drafts for some inspiration, something to satisfy my itchy fingers and I came across Auburn. Mind you it was not called Auburn then and in fact it had no title, not until I’d altered the story.

So what’s this Collaboration thing you mentioned in the title? What are you announcing!?

Well Auburn was written in an effort to alleviate the itch, the thirst, the need to write and so I merely took my draft and turned it into what it is now. Where was I heading with the story? No idea! But I knew I couldn’t leave it where it was, I mean seriously! (You can find the first part of Auburn here Auburn Part 1 – maybe you want to read it first then come back here?) I just had to continue and so still unsure as to where I was going, Part Two began to form but it was missing an important element – where is this story going. Ah but after an interesting preaching/teaching class I attended, one of the guys’ “practice sermon” gave me the perfect ingredient, and so the second part was born (You can read that here – Auburn Part 2)

Still haven’t said what you are announcing, buddy! (Agh jeez get to the point already)

Well a friend of mine (and fellow blogger, check him out here: Life in Light of Eternity) read the Auburn series and he got really excited about a potential idea he had and when we met he said to me though not in these words, “Dude! I got an idea for Auburn…Parallel Universe.” And from then on he divulged his idea on the possibility of him writing an alternate version of Auburn that runs concurrent with mine . The second part of Auburn gave the protagonist two choices that boiled down to the concept of Darkness or Light. So after some talking (and brainstorming) we have gone on and decided that FRIDAY we would post our alternate versions of the same story, with him writing about the protagonist taking the Dark path while mine takes the Light path. We will then alternate versions with each new part so that we each get to explore the “Other Universe”.

Meeting of Two Minds

Meeting of similar minds is really what it is. Tyron (Tyrosha) and I have a lot in common and most times have similar ideas, concepts etc and I really look forward to working with him on this collaborative project. He has really been my inspiration in writing this third part and I am glad that his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me too. You should really go check out his blog, he posts some deep stuff there that gets you thinking.

So yes, check back Friday and see what the collaborative efforts of Silvayrosha/Tyronthato (Fusion of Silvanthato and Tyrosha haha – also gets to explain the head image xD) have produced. We would love feedback (any, really) on the stories. Thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to hit us up on the comments! You can also follow us so that you can get all the updates and future versions of this Auburn Saga.

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