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Friday Fiction: Everyday Troubles


Given Sibeko thought he knew what a bad day entailed. Missing a taxi at Bree Taxi rank making him late for work. Not a bad day, these things happen. Getting piled into the next taxi so that they sat six instead of four at the back, was expected though in most cases an exception. Getting stopped by traffic officers for overloading the taxi an obvious conclusion. Forgetting his laptop bag in the taxi he had been piled into, and remembering just as it swerved across the intersection and around the building… well he was beginning to feel as though Lady Luck was facing away from him. His chest felt heavy. The dawning realization spreading through his veins filled him with dread, spreading into his mind where he foresaw the implications of losing a company laptop, and all the data he didn’t end up backing up following the previous night’s loadshedding – rage and despair engulfed him. The urge to scream at the top of his lungs was barely stifled, by the way he would look with the crowds around him.


Jan-Fredrick van Vuuren looked down from the balcony of the apartment where he had taken residency for the day. Given Sibeko had arrived as expected, his laptop forgotten as he was supposed to and now the frustrated young man was staring up at the sky in controlled anger.

“Has his laptop been left in the taxi as per instruction?” a voice spoke behind him

“Yes sir.” Jan-Fredrick replied. The other man walked towards the window and they stood shoulder to shoulder. He turned to the other man,

“Would this really be the man who caused the 30 April 2022 event in Carlton Center?”

“If he had taken his laptop to work… yes.”

They stared on at Given, each contemplating their role in the advancement of the human race.


You’ll have a few really good days and then there may be a string of days where nothing seems to go right.

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