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It has been a great honour for me to be featured as a Published Writer. Below is a list of Published Works I have featured in, which I hope will grow over time.

Dark Tales


 Thirteen of horror’s newest and most talented authors have converged together to bring you one twisted anthology guaranteed to make your skin crawl and your eyeballs melt. From the jungles of South Africa to the busy streets of India, from the lights of Hollywood to the skyscrapers of New York, this book of frightening fiction was penned by authors all around the globe. Read if you dare, but don’t say you weren’t warned…

On A Scottish Night- A Nebraskan farm boy gets more than he bargained when he travels across the pond to Europe searching for adventure.

The Skinless Man- A child wonders if he’s made a mistake after agreeing to a deal with devilish creature living under his home.

Little Black Bugs- The hilariously horrifying story of a home infestation gone terribly, terribly wrong.

The Rekindling- In a utopian future where death is no longer an issue, the Grim Reaper turns to his last hope for assistance.

All of the sales from Dark Tales will be donated to Scares That Care, a non profit charity that provides financial assistance to the families of sick children.

Buy it here: –> Dark Tales


Vincent Vena Cava presents Dead Connections

Reader beware!

The stories that lurk within the pages of this book will have you cowering under the covers in fear, praying that the shadows shifting underneath your closet door are nothing more than an optical illusion. Delve into the depraved minds of horror’s newest authors in this chilling collection of tales.

Buy it here: –> Dead Connection

Jozi Flash

Jozi Flash Cover 2

There are no zombie-dalek-rainbow-unicorns in this anthology. Not for lack of trying – they just wouldn’t play nicely with the other characters.

Instead you’ll find a genie with a unique wish, a border post between worlds, a light romance, an alien recorder and a very special chair, amongst others.

This is what you get when you challenge five talented South African writers with a series of prompts and strict word limits: Jozi Flash – an anthology of 29 bite-sized stories with a huge amount of heart.

As unique as the narrators, these tales range from the macabre to heart warming in fewer words than it took to write this blurb.

The zombie-dalek-rainbow-unicorns ate the rest.



Free to download in the following formats:

 Jozi Flash – ePub Format

 Jozi Flash – Mobi Format

 Jozi Flash – PDF Format


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