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This is a list of Blogs that I read and enjoy, blogs that inspire me and my writing and I want to use this page to really promote and encourage them to continue writing and inspiring who knows how many others! Thank you for your work!

Rachel Poli

I recently came across this blog after the owner, Rachel, liked one of my posts and upon visiting her blog, found a kindred spirit. Visit her blog to see what she’s writing about. Exciting things happening in Rachel’s writing world.

Books And Strips

Vicky is a dear friend and great blogger from India. If you like books, book reviews, author and book cover artist interviews and cool bookstagrammers, then you should totally check her blog out

JM Williams

JM Williams is an author I found out about somewhere on the blog-o-sphere. Or maybe he found me? It doesn’t matter, what does is his incredible insights into the writing world, and his genuineness offering help on writing. Worth checking out his stories and thoughts.

Combustible Reviews

Jen is another dear friend from the UK. Books, and book reviews galore! You should go check out her blog… when it’s online again. (Jen! Where you at!?)


Carin Marais is a fellow South African author I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time writing alongside during the 2015 NaNoWriMo. She’s a brilliant story teller and great friend.

The Tattooed Book Geek

Drew is a great guy with amazingly deep poetry, insightful book reviews, guest blogs and all sorts of literary goodness. I know you’re already clicking on the link.

Lionel Ray Green

I thought I had a love of horror but Lionel here is a true aficionado. Read his stories, thoughts on writing and horror, and so much more. I have found someone who loves horror more than me…

Kelly Griffiths

Kelly has been a great inspiration when it comes to writing, and sharing her life through funny, personal and entertaining monologues. She has been very supportive in my writing, and to her students who are also writers. Definitely take a look at her blog.

Mere Inkling

A C.S Lewisian style and flavour with an eloquence and insight that I have benefited greatly from.

Life In Light of Eternity

Okay slightly biased with this one since the owner of the blog is a dear friend and fellow writer but its a blog worth checking out nonetheless. He posts some deep stuff there as well as a collaborative work we’ve thoroughly loved writing.

Janeen Ippolito

I enjoy this blog specifically because of its Christ-orientated perspective and biblical basis. Book, Movie and TV show reviews are also worth the read with a great insight.

Inside my Worlds: R.L Sharpe

A great write and reviewer – I love reading the short stories as well as the variety of book reviews on the site including a list of publishers for those, like myself, are looking in that direction.

Write on the World

Mandy Webster has been a professional writer since 2009 and has a great blog with writing prompts, thoughts on writing and many other things.

Notes from a Narcissist

I stumbled onto this blog somehow and I love it. Humourous and well written pieces that make you question… lots of things. Worth checking out.

Blue Chicken Ninja

Emma runs this blog with plenty book reviews to whet your appetite. Look it up.

My Nintendo News

As Nintendo fan,  you cannot be surprised that a blog I follow is Nintendo based.


I will update these as I go, for now, enjoy the above mentioned blogs!


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  1. Bruce Goodman

    Thanks for the mention! It’s appreciated!


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