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An Ode to the Galaxy


In the beginning, it all began,

Separating the waters from the waters,

Chance borne to a single spherical plane,

All according to the Great Plan.


Darkness engulfed the expanse,

Awash in jeweled prisms,

Revolutions of lifeless cosmos,

A single orb brimming with chance.


But Creation wreaked havoc on the Created,

Extermination of Nature for Man,

Progression terraformed atrophy,

As predestination fated.


Yet hope fell from the heavenly throne,

A single drop of celestial advent,

Mending barren wastelands to lush wilderness,

For no longer shall the Earth groan.

In light of my Camp Nano graphic novel, I decided to keep to the theme of my Natural Man project… without actually writing anything for the project until July. *feels the story bubbling*


About Nthato Morakabi

Nthato Morakabi is a South African born published author working as a Junior Technical Writer for Everlytic and a freelance writer for Gamecca Magazine. He has published his short stories both internationally, and locally, hoping to publish a novel in the near future. He is an avid read, inspired blogger, and an aspiring digital artist.

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  1. *Feels the anticipation for the story bubbling*

  2. Oh, wow this is great!

  3. I am writing poetry at 10,000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo and celebrating my birthday July 11. I have a cabin called Cabin Enigma. Do you have a cabin yet?

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