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Friday Fiction: 2055 – Council

I got enough requests to continue this little story to decide that I will make April Friday Fictions the 2055 story. I’ll also be adding the chapters to my Wattpad.

2055 by Nthato Morakabi

2055 by Nthato Morakabi

The leaders from all five commonwealth states were in attendance for the 10th official leaders meeting. État central de l’Afrique was playing host, in what was once known as Central African Republic in the old days. They were located in an underground bunker, erected during the course of unifying the African countries. There would be no security breach.

Although the dignitaries had sworn to never withhold any information that would hinder the UCA from gaining the upperhand against other countries, Statesman Lungelo Mkhize was not willing to give up Abie Prinsloo to the United Commonwealth of Africa. Not yet anyway.

“That man was able to subdue an entire compound on his own, without ever firing a weapon. He is an asset the UCA must have in their possession.”

Akinyi Cisse had folded his arms across his chest during the brief, but now they were held above his head in frustration. The sleeves of his shirt had slid down to reveal a tattoo along his arm.

“We are aware of this.” the oldest of the leaders said gently. His dark eyes, however, were bearing down on Lungelo. The older man’s lips tightened before he spoke again,

“Explain to us once again why Abie Prinsloo is being kept prisoner, worst of all, within your own precinct.” The other leaders sat forward. Lungelo cleared his throat and reached for the glass of water on the table to gather his thoughts. Once he placed the glass back on the table, he also sat forward.

“We do not know what happened. As far as we can see, Abie has no recollection of the events following his meeting with this girl he keeps mentioning. We do not know what he is capable of. It would be unwise for us to send him back into the field untested.”

He was hoping the leaders would be nodding in agreement, or at least showing some emotion other than distrust, but clearly that was asking too much.

“We do not need him in the field,” Stateswoman Olamide Turay finally said, “What we need is a way to dispel all notions from the other nations, that we are incapable of defending ourselves as the UCA.” She sat back in her chair as the other leaders nodded their agreement. She continued,

“The technological advancements of the USA far exceeds our own. Bio-mechanics in Asia put them as industry leaders with their renowned Artificial Intelligence. The UK have literally fortified their walls. Europe is in bed with all the other nations and can’t be touched. And what do we have? Nothing!

“We are the only ones who appear weak and Abie Prinsloo is the first step towards not only strengthening Africa as a nation, but leading the power race.” Lungelo reached for his glass of water again but kept it in his hand,

“And that is exactly why we must keep him from the others until we can truly test his capabilities. Do you not see this?” Lungelo was losing his cool, which was never good in these situations. The other leaders were as ruthless as he could be had the tables been turned.

From the other end of the table, Akinyi ran his finger across his side of the conference table. A satellite image of the incident appeared in front of all the other leaders. They watched as Abie Prinsloo made his way out of a building, each step a laboured effort, his arms straight down at his sides as though held there. Not a single bullet was fired even though he was surrounded by enemy forces and a moment later, everyone except Bravo squad had fallen down. Simultaneously. At that moment, Abie turned his head towards the sky, towards the screen they were all staring at, footage from a satellite orbiting the earth. It was without a doubt what he was looking at. Them.  A moment later, the screen turned dark.

I hope you enjoyed the next chapter of the tale. Let me know what you think and any suggestions you might have. 

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About Nthato Morakabi

Nthato Morakabi is a South African published author. He has short stories appearing in both international and local anthologies, and has published his first book, Beneath the Wax, which opens his three-part novella series "Wax". He is an avid reader, blogger and writer.

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