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February Days: The Challenges of Reading

The month of February is already underway and we’re looking at two more weeks before women can no longer propose to men (as per the Leap Year tradition) and make for awkward four years of waiting for the guy to man up… or something of that sort. Ha ha?

From my side, I’m having a rather exciting February, with a lot changes happening suddenly and completely that require a change of structure and form to fit in all these changes… which is perfectly fine.


I am starting to feel the weight of the Goodreads challenge that I have undertaken, having just finished my sixth book for the year, one book behind statistically, and with another 46 to go before we call it a year. I’m starting to wonder how quickly I can read through a book in a week to give it a fair review, and how well I can plan my reading times, persevere with diligence even through tedious books, and push out my weekly Wednesday Review.

Speaking of which, later today I will be posting my latest read, Sweet Heart by Peter James. This has been an interesting read so far, feels like it would make a good indie movie but Peter James makes it work in book format too. Considering he’s a screenplay writer too you can see aspects of it in his writing. But let’s leave that for later.


Last Friday I posted three flash fictions to make up for the two weeks, where I missed my Friday Fiction writing. Of course I’m working on improving my writing and so with this re-scheduling of my life, I will get back to my Friday fictions. Also, I keep meaning to join up with Cracked Fiction and Flashmob fiction which happens on Saturdays, but things happen on Saturday as it is my only “free” time so I end up doing everything else besides write (or read). A little bit of time management is going to have to happen to get me back on schedule.


I’ve started to edit my 2015 NaNo novel after getting some great advice from Bridgett on Twitter who said

I go scene by scene in my first pass, fixing punctuation, spelling and highlighting problems in the passages. On my second pass, I fix the highlights.

The one thing that really put me off editing my novel was just the sheer size of it, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of writing it all was, but by going scene by scene, the novel editing becomes so much more achievable.


I don’t know what happened to February but it is almost gone. All I know is that it’s back to the writing, the reading and making sure that it is a productive 2016.

How’s your February going?


About Nthato Morakabi

Nthato Morakabi is a South African born, published author working as a Technical Writer for Everlytic and a writer for Gamecca Magazine. He has published short stories both internationally and locally, and is hoping to publish a novel in the near future. He is an avid reader, inspired blogger, and an aspiring digital artist.

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  1. Yeah, February went by very quickly. Glad to hear that you’re starting edits on your novel. I hope that goes well.


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