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Triple Friday Fiction #2: October


He shoved his hands into the pockets of his blood red hoodie, the moonlight dragging his shadow beside him, though the black silhouette barely followed its master’s footsteps. His sneakers barely made a sound on the glistening tarmac, where the smell of rain hung heavily in the air.


His name rustled with the leaves, skittered with the street granules, murmured in the wind. He pulled his hands out long enough to pull his hoodie further over his head, long enough to reveal the gnarled, crimson fingers of his pale left hand etched with what looked like the number 8.

October… run.

He shoved his hands back into his pockets, feeling the air around him thicken as though the oxygen in the atmosphere was solidifying, making it hard to breath. His legs pulled forward slowly, his gait slacking considerably while his shadow edged on swiftly across the puddles master-less.


He turned suddenly, emerald eyes ablaze as they stared into the darkness, twisted hands clenching and un-clenching at his sides, the tattooed emblem of the number eight on his hand throbbing emerald in the darkness. His shadow flitted back to him, facing the opposite direction.

“This ain’t good maaaan, this ain’t good!” The shadow spoke. A sound like two saw blades grating against each other.

“Why aint you running Octy? Why. Aint. You. Running!”

October opened his hands as far as they could, letting off a slow breath. His eyes dimmed. The tattoo softened and dimmed until it was nothing more than an ink mark. The darkness revealed nothing.

“Listen, Octy, we been on this damn road for too long and where you be heading aint nowhere I wanna be. But I’m bound to you like a fetus to its mother with this umbilical cord we call your soul.”

October sighed irritably.

“So how bout we git. Just git! I won’t question your manliness, won’t question your pride. Aint nothing wrong with running Octy, and I’m ready. Sneaky like Ezio. Assassins Creed escape maaaaan!”

“Shut up!” October hissed, a soft boyish voice that carried in the wind. His name echoed back in the quiet flapping of wins. He shook his hands, the fingers crackling in the silent night, straightening, darkening in colour as they reformed fully and completely. His body shimmered, grew taller, his nose expanding wider and fuller, lips thicker as the hoodie sizzled and bubbled on his body until he was in a business suit and completely bald; a completely new person.

“Ah damn son you be looking like Samuel L Jackson fused with a Samoan wrestler, I dig it! So we gonna run now?” the shadow flitted to the other side.


“Thatssss ma boy! Better move cos them freaks be close. Can you hear em in the wind?” October could. The beating wings were drawing closer.

“We’ll travel through the shadows ayt?” The shadow continued, “But not too far, I can’t handle your aura no more since that tattoo incident. You got some baaaad vibes in your system.”

“Do your thing then!” October hissed, which came out as a deep growl. The darkness around October’s feet pulsed and stretched, expanding wider until it was a gaping hole below the large burly fellow October had become. October felt his feet sink into the ground, slowly at first then picking up speed as he heard his name rustle louder and faster in the darkness, carrying across the night sky with the flutter of bats passing overhead. His eyes fell on the largest bat, eyes staring into him as he descended the last of the hole that his shadow had created. The bleak white eyes stared deeply into him, familiar in a rancid, cool, calculated kind of way. He shivered at the sight of the bat.

Nihil; his mentor.

Prompt 2: Introductions

Introduce a brand new character as though you’re beginning a new novel. We don’t need to know any plot or premise of the story, just introduce the main character.

Time to Write: Introductions


About Nthato Morakabi

Nthato Morakabi is a South African published author. He has short stories appearing in both international and local anthologies, and has published his first book, Beneath the Wax, which opens his three-part novella series "Wax". He is an avid reader, blogger and writer.

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