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Friday Fiction: Azure

Happy Friday fellow writers, readers, bloggers and general populace. Thanks for dropping by! Today’s prompt is a combination of sources, one from Rachel Poli as usual; prompt is Stranger. The second comes from a fellow Jozi writer Nicky who gave a prompt based on the colour Azure.

Time to Write: Stranger

Hope you enjoy!

The day started out like any other, the sky seeping through to a rich azure that invited people to stare at it. So they did, losing themselves in its depths.

Liamsworth Leathers had never been one to watch the skies, never been one to question the natural course of life; not when he was the son of a mere leather worker. His course of life lay in the tangle of skins hanging in the back of the small shop his father owned, drying among the animal fats they used in the leather-making process.

So it came as a surprise to him when he found his eyes being drawn to the world above him, the cloudless calm hanging over the countryside like still water. He drew his attention back to the strap of browned animal skin but his mind kept drawing him back to the sky. Eventually he could resist no longer, his entire attention riveted to the emptiness above with not even a single thought interrupting what had to be the most senseless wasting of time if there ever was one.

He came to suddenly. A flicker across the sky was dragging its way across in a trail of white. His eyes followed, the pull of the trail stronger than the pull of the sky. He rose unsteadily on legs that didn’t seem his own and for the better part of his mindless preoccupation, they hadn’t been. In finding the nerve endings belonging to their original master, his legs shuffled away from the thickened hide and dribbling fat, inching towards the trail descending above him; the new master of his traitorous limbs.

The woman stood in the water dressed in a white flowing dress dragging through the rippling waters around her. Her arms extended to the sky as though drawing in the sun itself, only it wasn’t the sun’s rays being pulled together but streaks of grey puffs gathering to cover the sky.

“Liamsworth Leathers.” The voice startled the boy. It broke whatever spell had been cast over him for he fell in a heap on the water’s edge. Eyes wide. Attempting to scramble up to his feet only to find his legs and arms had gone numb. His vocal cord silence so only a low murmur escaped his lips as he attempted to cry out. His eyes riveted on the stranger before him. As though sensing his distress she lowered her arms and turned steely blue eyes towards him. In that moment her shape shimmered in and out of focus. Where there was a women, a lanky pale blue creature hunkered over the waters, feelers with large blue orbs whirling in the sockets, tentacles spouting from the overgrown mass of lumps covered in a translucent veil stretching into the water, pattering over the water, creating the ripples – and then the woman was back.

“Who… what…” the words were barely audible. Whimpers really but the woman (creature) replied.

“Worry not Liamsworth Leathers, we are merely passing by and required your planet as a way-station.”

Shock at that moment coursed through the boy’s body, sweeping over his mind like a warm blanket. Dark as the blanket. He passed out.

529 words


About Nthato Morakabi

Nthato Morakabi is a South African published author. He has short stories appearing in both international and local anthologies, and has published his first book, Beneath the Wax, which opens his three-part novella series "Wax". He is an avid reader, blogger and writer.

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