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JHB Writers Sprint – The Chat

Prompt 2 – Pick a random item on your desk to write about – 25 minutes

I picked my Laptop – wrote this on my computer. Yes I have both next to me, at the moment it’s the closest I got to two screens 😛


Lincoln flipped open his laptop and stared at the blank screen. He waited for the tell-tale signs of the other user on the other side in the form of a blinking cursor, but nothing appeared. He felt his heart sink in his chest, such a heavy depressing sensation he could not stand the emotion. He took another sip of the rapidly cooling coffee and almost willed the cursor on.

>Don’t stare too hard Linc
_Oh gawsh I thought I would die

Lincoln sighed in relief, joy replacing the previous feeling, his fingers itching to chat but he let his fingers remain still on the keyboard,

>You won’t die if I leave you
_Don’t talk like that
>You know its true
_My heart would stop beating. I know. I almost had a heart-attack while waiting for you here
>I was a few seconds late
_You are never late
>Well maybe I can be. Maybe I should be
_No! Please!
_Thanks! Tell me more please
>Not now
_Why not?
>They are here with me

Lincoln quickly wiped his hands off his shirt, shifted his glasses further up his nose and placed his hands once again on the keys of the keyboard

>By the way. We can’t meet as often as we used to
_Because they are there?
> No
_Why then?
>You are too attached.
_That’s bull and you know it
>So why the mini heart-attack when I was late

because I love you were the words hanging on the tips of his fingers, never to be typed, never to be said, but continually felt.

>Exactly. So maybe once a week.
_That would kill me
>You need to go out there and get a life!

You are my life

_What life is there out there!
>There is much to do out there.
_You are killing me
>You are killing yourself
>I think I have to be

Well forget you then

>Oh so you’re angry now
_I hate how you know me so well. I hate, even more, how much I have opened up to you, telling you everything about me and yet you continue to shut me down every time. What have I done to deserve this!

_You know
>I don’t!
>We can never meet

Lincolns emotions were in turmoil, fear, hatred, love, desperation and overwhelming helplessness gripped his heart and squeezed. For the first time, his fingers left the keyboard. His green eyes swept over his desk and caught sight of the scissors

>Don’t even think about it
_About what?
>The scissors
_I guess the webcam was a bad idea

He stared at the screen hoping for a reply. None came. He reached for the dark red plastic handle, sticking his fingers into the holes and staring at the dull blade. His eyes swept up to the webcam. His laptop screen flickered.

>I set up my cam a while ago…

Lincoln threw the scissors aside and sat up in his chair, staring at the blank figure hidden in the dark of the room. He squinted his eyes and realized it would not help,

_I can’t see you
>Not yet. Do you really want to?
_Of course!

The figure reached towards what Lincoln made out to be a wall…


And that is where I ran out of time. Perfect timing to be honest, else I ruin it with an obscure ending or ruined the mystery behind the other person.

Who (or what) do you think the person is? Speculate!


The JHB Writers forum can be found here:

We started up recently following NaNoWriMo and all the joy, fun and fellowship we shared during the write-ins. Now you don’t have to be from Joburg to be part of the group, we extend the invitation to all writers so do join us!


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Nthato Morakabi is a South African published author. He has short stories appearing in both international and local anthologies, and has published his first book, Beneath the Wax, which opens his three-part novella series "Wax". He is an avid reader, blogger and writer.

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