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Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!

Are you happy it’s Monday? Why not? Did you know that Attitude determines Altitude? If you are down in the dumps and your attitude displays that then the day will be like that too, and how hard you are willing to work will reflect that attitude. So let’s turn it up!

So now that we’ve got that out of the way I will move forward to the post itself.

Yesterday morning, I was privy to hearing the word of God preached from Luke 9, relating to the events post Jesus’ Transfiguration, how the Disciples came back down from seeing the Glory of Christ on the mountain top to the mundane and the chaos and need of every day life – and the realization that life away from that glory is exhausting. It reminds me of myself and people in general when Monday comes along and its all doom, gloom, dread and loathing, forgetting the rest we just experienced. Like those Disciples who were faced with reality after experiencing Glory, we too fall back into the reality of life after a normally restful weekend. Shouldn’t there be thankfulness for those Mountain Top experiences, those restful days? Instead its “Back to grinding” “Miserable Monday” etc etc. An understandable attitude to have if you dread going back to work or school or whatever it is that Monday hauls on to your doorstep, but in all honesty, it does not excuse your attitude.

It’s a bit like writing. At the NaNo write-in this past Saturday, I was having my Mountain Top experience. Oh the joy of spending the day writing. And Sunday I went to church, enjoyed the service and that glory as well as spending another few hours toiling away at my novel. And here was Monday to ruin it all, “back to the grinding” I thought, I felt…I drudged. I have to wait 12 hours before I can write; an hour in traffic, 9 hours at work, another hour in traffic and an hour for all the general stuff like eating and changing and checking this and washing that etc etc. Ugh. Wouldn’t it be great if I had 12 hours to write? Man I’d hit the 50K mark days before I’m supposed to. Surely!

But then, during our staff meeting, our senior (in rank not age…uh yeah same guy) showed us a motivational video from Youtube about success with Will Smith as the speaker. I must say it was inspirational. It changed my perspective on what success is and although I did not agree 100% with everything he said, most of it was spot on and applicable.

What stood out for me most was his statement “Do not let anyone tell you, ‘You Can’t’ ”

It’s very easy to fall into this trap, very easy to reason out why a particular dream or goal or target is impossible to reach. It’s easy to fall into the “Be REALISTIC ” mind set, setting tasks as impossible because things just don’t work out that way in reality.


“Is it Realistic to flip a switch and have light come on? No, but we are glad Thomas Edison didn’t think like that. Is it Realistic to bend metal into an oval, pack people inside and fly them across the ocean? No, but we are glad the Wright Brothers and others didn’t think that.” ~ Will Smith

Is it Realistic to have a completed novel, popular with people willing to spend money to obtain it, who love to pick it up and read it all over again? No, but we are glad the authors of all those books we read, have read and are yet to read did not think like that. So then why should we think like that? Why should we knock ourselves down at all? Why are we letting others knock us down? Why are we not running full speed for our goals without fear and dread, pushing hard, working harder, doing everything we can to ensure that our goal becomes a reality. Shedding whatever is weighing us down!

So to all you writers who feel like you can never achieve your goal or your dream, I say “Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t. Not even yourself. Ever.”

In salute to all the NaNo’s, the writers and poets, all you creatives with your medium in your hand and your goal in your heart, watch and enjoy this video, hear the lyrics, let them sink in, let them reverberate through your being. Shout them out to the world

“Forget that! I can do anything!”


About Nthato Morakabi

Nthato Morakabi is a South African published author. He has short stories appearing in both international and local anthologies, and has published his first book, Beneath the Wax, which opens his three-part novella series "Wax". He is an avid reader, blogger and writer.

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