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10 Days until NaNo

Courtesy of the NaNoWriMo website, not my own work or like whatever. COPYRIGHT etc etc

Courtesy of the NaNoWriMo website, not my own work or like whatever. COPYRIGHT etc etc

On the 10th day of NaNo…oh wait it hasn’t started yet hey? Of course not, it’s not November but in Preparation of, I have done the following:

Watched some NaNo videos including one featured on a fellow writer’s blog Spilled Ink:


At Blurb, we believe stories make the world go ‘round. We believe in authors of all kinds creating stories that deserve to be told. And we believe everyone should be able to publish a book. Which is why we look forward to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) every year. It makes writers around the world part of a huge community—online and in your hometown. It’s a chance to commit fully to your story for 30 days (and beyond). And it’s a chance to write—and publish—a novel all your own.

This year, we’re doing more than just cheer from the sidelines. We want to support the novelist in you. Join Blurb’s Coffee & Quill Society and take your novel from a raw idea to a published print and ebook.

The Coffee & Quill Society is here to support your novel’s journey. We’ll get you started—and keep you going—with tips and goodies for planning your novel, meeting your daily goals, and getting to the finish line. After November, we’ll show you how to transform your finished novel into a self-published book and ebook you can share and sell.


I’ve added a Widget on the side with a countdown towards NaNoWriMo which I will then change on that first day into a Word Counter.

Novel Planning

Uhm what Novel Planning? Just kidding. I got a bit more detail than I did when I was at the Write-In. So I have a few more characters and the story is fleshing out a bit better. I’ll be working off this prompt that I found on Tumblr

What if tattoos just randomly appeared on our skin at key points in our lives and we had to figure out what they meant for ourselves?

So what are you doing in Preparation for NaNo? How’s your novel doing?


About Nthato Morakabi

Nthato Morakabi is a South African born published author working as a Junior Technical Writer for Everlytic and a freelance writer for Gamecca Magazine. He has published his short stories both internationally, and locally, hoping to publish a novel in the near future. He is an avid read, inspired blogger, and an aspiring digital artist.

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  1. Awesome! Good luck with your NaNo prep – it looks like it’s going to be amazing this year. 😀


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