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Weekly Challenge: Genre Blender

This weeks Challenge comes in the form of a Genre Blender with the idea of mixing two genres from a given list and writing something with the amalgamation. I will be blending Mystery with Open Letter. This should be fun.

A “Prep for NaNoWriMo” Short

To The Artist

We have been in your debt for far too long, and the people will testify to this fact with more than just words. The branding that scars our bodies should not have to leave us defenseless and at the mercy of the state and yet here we are, running from those who ought to protect us. Your markings do not change who we are, they merely alter how others perceive us but this is not who we are. How long do you intend to pretend that what you do is for our benefit, that by shunning us you save us? How long must we wait before our markings are recognized for what they truly are, a con? How much longer must we wait, for true freedom?

You are aware that bodies have shown up in the city, unexplained murders the authorities say, vigilante killing sprees the people say but I tell you there is another at work here. The evidence is clear, every body found bore a similar trait – all had their markings altered by you. The question is, who is the killer?

When you were arrested in connection to these murders, we all knew it could not have been you. How could our supposed saviour be the one killing off our people? However, when you refused to comment to the higher ups, I felt a tangible loss of hope from those who believed in you. What was worse, once the evidence pointed elsewhere you refused to help anyone else and you were no longer the hero the people expected you to be.

We hope you have a change of heart soon as the air stirs in anticipation of something great. There is talk amongst the people of a new generation of younglings with markings unlike any seen before. This future generation will need to be protected from those who would seek to eradicate them, the very ones who have killed our brothers and sisters and instilled a fear so deep within you that you have turned your back on us.

To you, murderers lurking in the shadows, this message is for you too. You know very well what it is you are doing but we will not stand for it. The Artist might cower in fear but we will not. We have already seen your works, we know whom you have in your sights and we will find you. The people will find you. Your motives are weak and that is why you will fail.

To the Marked Ones, do not live in fear. Justice stands atop the hills of Renton, sweeps across the valleys of Fairway, washes across the Gallade ocean and beats in every one of your hearts.

Live in peace.

The Standing Marked Ones


Oh I can see this novel paving its way across my vision! How exciting! NaNoWriMo come along now.

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About Nthato Morakabi

Nthato Morakabi is a South African published author. He has short stories appearing in both international and local anthologies, and has published his first book, Beneath the Wax, which opens his three-part novella series "Wax". He is an avid reader, blogger and writer.

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  1. That was great. Good job, I enjoyed reading it. 🙂


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